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Causes of PPR pipe leakage and repair methods


1. PPR pipe is under the action of water pressure for a long time, and the vibration of various reasons, such as water hammer, resonance, building environment vibration, constant temperature change caused by earthquake, water pipe thermal expansion and contraction movement, impact, pickling and other reasons cause joint looseness, variation, heat energy, bending and water leakage.

2. The water leakage and durability of the weak and false welding joints are poor, resulting in long-term maintenance of water pipes.

How to deal with PPR pipe leakage

1. First, use a small hacksaw to cut off the leaking area - the cutting edge should be flat.

2. Use sandpaper to gently polish the newly exposed port, not too much.

3. Wipe the port clean with a clean cloth.

4. Apply special glue to the end and let it dry for a while. At this time, apply glue to the "slub" joint.

5. Connect the port to the "slub" and rotate it repeatedly until it is firm. Connect the other end in the same way.

6. After everything is OK, apply proper amount of glue at the joint to ensure no leakage.