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Precautions for PPR fittings storage


1. PPR fittings should be stored in well-ventilated warehouses or simple sheds. They should not be stored in the open air to prevent direct sunlight, pay attention to fire safety, and be no less than 1 meter away from the heat source.


2. PPR fittings should be stacked horizontally on a flat ground. The pipe should be avoided to be bent. The stacking height should not exceed 2.0 meters. The pipe fittings should be stacked one by one, not too high.


3. When handling PPR fittings, please handle with care to avoid oil pollution. It is strictly forbidden to hit hard, touch with sharp objects, throw, fall, roll, drag.


4. Do not knock PPR fittings with hard objects, especially at lower temperatures.


5. The pipe must be cut perpendicular to the pipe axis, and the cut must be clean and flat.


6. The hot melt connection should be connected strictly in accordance with the specified welding depth.


7. The hot melt connection is carried out strictly in accordance with the specified welding time.


8. During hot-melt connection, the maximum deviation between pipes and fittings shall not exceed 5°.


9. When the pipe is bent, the bending radius shall not be less than eight times the diameter of the pipe, and it is strictly forbidden to heat and bend with an open flame.


10. The metal thread is designed with tapered thread, and hemp or raw material tape can be used for sealing when connecting, and it should not be over-tightened.


11. When two pipes overlap, a curved pipe must be used.


12. PPR fittings shall not be used as pullers, hangers, etc.