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How to prevent the ppr pipes from being frozen in winter


If the ppr pipes are not properly warmed or there is water accumulation, the ppr pipes will easily be frozen when the indoor temperature is below zero. After the ppr pipe is frozen, there is no water. Many people will use hot water to pour directly on the water pipe. If it is a metal pipe, it is better. If it is a plastic pipe, it will easily cause the plastic pipe to burst!


1. The exposed outdoor ppr pipes, water meters, etc. can be wrapped tightly with insulation materials (such as foam insulation pipes, straw ropes, old cotton clothes, etc.).


2. Close doors and windows of rooms with water supply pipes or faucets, such as kitchens and bathrooms, to maintain indoor temperature.


3. Users who have water facilities such as solar energy should vent the water in the pipeline under the condition of keeping warm.

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4. Let the faucet keep a small flow of water into the bucket, which can also play a certain anti-freezing effect. The accumulated water can also be recycled, washing hands, face, laundry, and vegetables.


5. In winter, it is best to close the valve in front of the water meter of an idle house, otherwise, if the water pipe in the house ruptures due to low temperature, unnecessary losses will be caused.


Remember! ! When the water ppr pipe in your home is frozen, never use it! water! straight! Take it! hot! Otherwise it is very easy to cause the ppr pipes to burst.