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Causes of PPR pipes burst in winter


In the cold weather this year, the Internet was full of complaints about various PPR pipe explosions. When showing water ballet at home, I remembered whether I should use better PPR tubes when decorating. So why do the PPR pipes burst in winter?

01The quality of PPR pipes such as low-quality pipes, miscellaneous pipes, and fake pipes is not guaranteed. In order to make the interior decoration cheap, or be tempted by unscrupulous operators, I bought such a water pipe. The PPR pipe burst can only show sympathy. Please choose a regular PPR pipe. Regular manufacturers not only bring regular products, but also provide peace of mind after-sales service.

 PPR pipes

02 Polypropylene is a low-temperature brittle PPR pipe. PPR is a random copolymerized polypropylene, which is formed by random copolymerization of propylene monomer and a small amount of ethylene monomer through the action of heating, pressure and catalyst. Ethylene monomers are randomly distributed in the propylene long chain, and the content of ethylene monomers is usually controlled between 3% and 5%. The content of ethylene monomer and the way of polymerization with propylene determine the cold brittleness of PPR.


03 Improper use of PPR pipes in winter. This one is a derivative of the second reason. Because PP-R has low temperature brittleness, anti-freezing measures should be taken for the pipeline in winter. Insulation of pipes should be done well to reduce the exposure of pipes to the air. At night, you should close the valve and open the faucet to allow the liquid to drain, and to reduce the water pipe rupture caused by the freezing and expansion of water.