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Can PPR pipes bend?


Now people's living quality of living room is getting higher and higher. Therefore, the selection requirements for home decoration materials have become higher. PPR pipes are the kind of building material that is very popular with consumers now. Using this kind of water pipe in the room can make us put an end to water leakage and make the living room more comfortable. So, can PPR pipes bend?


PPR pipes are made with hot-melt technology, which completely integrates the pipes and pipes. Therefore, once the installation and pressure test is passed, there will be no water leakage again, which can be said to be quite reliable.

PPR pipes

However, it is not to say that PPR pipes have no defects. Its defect is high temperature resistance, slightly poor pressure resistance, long-term working temperature can not exceed 70 ℃ C; each section is limited in length and cannot be bent for construction.


So, can PPR pipes bend? The answer is No. If the pipe laying distance is long or there are many corners, a large number of joints will be used in the construction; the pipe material is cheap, but the price of accessories is relatively high. From the comprehensive performance point of view, r-tube is the most cost-effective pipe material at present, so it becomes the first choice for the reconstruction of domestic water pipe.