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Home improvement water supply pipe, why choose PPR pipe instead of PE pipe?


PE pipe and PPR pipe are two kinds of pipe materials, and both can be used for water supply, so why do home improvement water supply pipes basically choose PPR water pipes, and PE pipes are mostly used for municipal pipes, but rarely used for home improvement water supply pipes.


1. Elastic modulus: affects the stiffness and flexibility of the pipeline


The material of PPR pipe is polypropylene, the modulus of elasticity is 850MPa, and the stiffness is good, but the flexibility is insufficient; while the material of PE water pipe is medium density polyethylene, the modulus of elasticity is only about 550MPa, which has good flexibility but insufficient rigidity; PE water pipe is used for building water supply In the field, the pipeline is not flat, easy to bend and deform, and the pipeline is not beautiful.

 PPR pipe

However, in the field of municipal water supply, because the environment is relatively more complicated, the pipe needs to have good flexibility to resist impact, so PE pipe is more suitable for the field of municipal water supply. In comparison, PPR pipes are more suitable for building water supply due to their good rigidity, poor flexibility, and low temperature brittleness.


2. Heat resistance affects the safe operation of pipelines


Although PE pipe has good low temperature performance, its high temperature performance is not as good as PPR pipe. In the field of building water supply, especially home decoration, hot water pipes are required. However, according to data, the heat-resistant temperature of conventional PE pipes is 60°C, and the conventional temperature of household water supply is around 50°C.


Long-term operation at this temperature will greatly accelerate the aging speed of PE pipes, not to mention that the advantageous temperature will far exceed 50 ℃, so PE pipes are not suitable for the transportation of hot water, which is one of the reasons why they are generally not used for home improvement .