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How to judge the quality of PPR pipes(2)


3. PPR pipes wall thickness


The wall thickness of the PPR pipes is related to the actual pressure bearing capacity of the water pipe. Although the actual pressure bearing capacity of the PPR pipe mainly depends on the mechanical properties of the PPR raw material, on the basis of the same material, the thicker the wall thickness of the water pipe, the higher the pressure bearing capacity. it is good. Generally, the larger the diameter of the pipeline, the greater the flow rate, so the required wall thickness also increases, which is the basic principle of pipeline design.


For water pipes of the same pipe diameter, if the wall thickness is different, the pipe series S selected by them is different from the design safety factor. Of course, such water pipes with different wall thicknesses have different service life under the same conditions, and the service life of water pipes with thick walls will be longer.

 PPR pipes

4. PPR pipe fittings


The quality of PPR pipe fittings, especially copper fittings with wire mouth, is still very large. As far as copper itself is concerned, there are nickel-plated brass and non-nickel-plated brass. The quality of non-nickel-plated brass is better.


Looking at the amount of copper, it is usually invisible from the outside of the pipe, but once the pipe is cut, the clue can be seen.


PPR pipe is a very simple product, and we don't have to think about it too complicated at all. Its quality is nothing more than the quality of the raw materials and the solid workmanship. Nowadays, there are many marketing gimmicks in the market, focusing on concepts and functions. Consumers often hear them in the cloud, and in the end they actually pay for things that don't have much actual value.