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PPR valve installation technique


PPR valve in daily life is a very humble widget, but it plays a very good adjustment, control and shut off function in the pipe fluid. How do we do his installation and maintenance in life?

 PPR valve

1. Before installation, it is necessary to carefully check whether the specifications and models of the valve are in accordance with the design. What we often ignore is whether the valve we choose conforms to the operating conditions in the manual.


2. When hoisting the PPR valve, the rope shall be tied to the position where the valve body is connected to the flange of the valve cover and shall not be bolted to the handwheel and valve stem.


3. If the installed pipe is horizontal, the stem should be perpendicular to it. A stem installation in a country setting is not permitted.


4. When installing the PPR valve, do not use the way of pulling and pulling to force the interface to butt, so as to avoid damaging the product due to uneven forces.


5. In order to avoid stem corrosion, it is not recommended to install the valve in a damp place underground.