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Manufacturing method of PEX pipe


PEX pipe, also known as cross-linked polyethylene pipe, is made of polyethylene. The linear molecular structure of polyethylene is transformed into a three-dimensional network structure through physical and chemical methods, thereby improving the performance of polyethylene. As long as the manufacturing methods of PEX are as follows:


Engel method

Also known as the peroxide method, in the manufacturing process, the crosslinking medium peroxide is used to form chemical bonds between the long molecular chains of polyethylene through high temperature and high pressure, which is the so-called crosslinking. This cross-linking method is named PEX-a.

 PEX pipe

Silane Method

During the extrusion process, the silane is mixed into the raw materials. The combination of polyethylene chain and silicon molecule is classified as PEX-b; the amount of antioxidant in the material is one of the most important factors affecting the life of the pipe.


Radiation method

Use gamma or beta rays to irradiate polyethylene to form physical crosslinks, called PEX-c;


Azo method

Cross-links formed by azo media, called PEX-d, are not currently produced commercially.