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Application of PPR fittings


I believe that many people only know the application field of ppr pipe fittings in the field of home improvement. In fact, there are still many applications of ppr pipe fittings in China. So what aspects can PPR fittings be used in?


1. The most common ones are water supply pipes for home improvement and towns. PPR pipes and pipe fittings are indispensable in home decoration. PPR pipes are often used for laying in towns, because PPR pipe fittings are safe, sanitary and convenient for construction. , Long service life and other advantages, so it is known as the ideal pipe for urban water supply.


2. It can be used for the transmission of natural gas and coal gas. We all know that domestic natural gas and coal gas are transported through pipelines, but nowadays, natural gas and coal gas transportation pipelines all use ppr fittings. This is because ppr fittings have the characteristics of stable performance and easy construction, even in transportation When natural gas and coal gas can still ensure sufficient safety, it has become the best choice for transportation of natural gas and gas.

 PPR fittings

3. As a discharge pipe in the food field, why can ppr fittings be used as discharge pipes? This is due to the very long service life of ppr fittings and low cost maintenance.


4. As the drainage pipes of urban construction, we all know that the drainage pipes of urban construction often use cement pipes, cast iron pipes, etc., but these steel pipes are very easy to rot, and the use of PPR pipe fittings can reduce the degree of decay, and the construction time is very short. Not very suitable for drainage pipes in the old city.


5. PPR fittings are also widely used in other areas, such as sewage discharge. Nowadays, the discharge of sewage basically uses PPR pipe fittings, cement pipes, and HDPE double-wall corrugated pipes. Also, it is often used in power threading construction. This is mainly because ppr pipe fittings also have excellent insulation properties, and they also have good compressive strength and pull force, and the friction coefficient is small, so they are used in many power threading It is often used during construction.