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Types of PPR valves


There are four commonly used PPR water pipe valves:


One, Rubber core ball valve

This kind of valve is the most primitive product. Once it is damaged, it can only be cut off and re-welded. There should be no water during welding, and direct or live connection should be added if necessary.


Second, double-lived rubber core valve.

This kind of valve is the most common. When it is damaged, you only need to loosen the two ends of the joint and replace it with a valve core of the same model. Pay attention that the gasket does not derail, and finally tighten the two ends.

 PPR valves

Third, double live copper core valve.


The function is basically the same as that of the double union rubber core valve, but it is more expensive and more durable.


Fourth, the stop valve

The shut-off valve is often used in the water supply pipeline of the concealed household. When it is damaged, close the main valve of the water meter, use an adjustable wrench to loosen the valve core counterclockwise, and then install a new valve core of the same specification clockwise.