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How to replace PPR valves


First, you need to have a fuser on hand, which is a prerequisite for replacing a broken PPR valve. Then there is a cutting tool to cut the broken PPR valves. This can be done with a hacksaw or a sander with cutting blades.

 PPR Valve

If the PPR valve has screws on both ends, you can buy the same model and twist it directly. If the kind is directly connected to the PPR pipe by heat fusion, the broken valve needs to be cut first. Remember to cut next to the valve. Then buy a new valve plus a direct. Come back and weld it with a fuser. It is directly used for connecting a small piece of PPR pipe. Because the original pipe is not long enough after cutting off the valve, it is necessary to use PPR directly.

It is recommended to use the kind of PPR valve with wire at both ends, so that it can be easily replaced when it is broken. There is no need to use a fuser to weld each time.