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Four ways to teach you to easily identify the authenticity of PPR pipes!


"If you want good water quality, high-quality pipes are indispensable." From this sentence, we can understand the importance of water pipes in decoration, but many friends do not know how to distinguish good from bad fruits. Quickly identify the quality of PPR pipes.


One, touch

As the saying goes, seeing is believing. In addition to looking at the color of the pipe, it is best to be able to touch it. A good pipe has a very smooth touch and no other substances. If it is a pipe with a rough surface, be careful. It can be seen that the inner wall of the pipe is also smooth. An experienced plumber can know the quality of the pipe just by touching it.


Second, smell

A good PPR pipes has no peculiar smell. If there is a peculiar smell, it means that the pipe is mixed with related harmful substances such as polyethylene. Be careful at this time. For the health of your family, do not use peculiar smelling water pipes.

 PPR pipes

Three, smash

Good ppr pipes are generally more flexible, and are not easily broken by external squeezing or collision. Bad materials are easy to break when knocked because of poor elasticity. This method is a very practical identification method.


Four, burn

Why burn? Because through burning, we quickly learned that the high-quality PPR pipe material is a hydrocarbon chain compound. When the flame temperature is higher than 800 degrees Celsius, under ideal combustion conditions and sufficient oxygen conditions, combustion is only Carbon dioxide and water vapor are released. If there is black smoke or peculiar smell, it means that this material is mixed with other impurities, so remember to bring your lighter when identifying the water pipe.