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What are the water pipe materials? How to judge the quality of PPR pipes? How to judge the quality of aluminum-plastic composite pipes

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I believe everyone is familiar with water pipes. This is a material that can be seen everywhere in our lives, but many friends really don’t know much about water pipe materials. For example, what are the materials of water pipes? How to judge the quality of water pipes? The following editor will give you a brief introduction.

PPR pipes

1. What are the water pipe materials

According to the materials produced, the water supply pipes on the market are divided into two categories, namely metal pipes and non-metal pipes. Among them, metal pipes are suitable for outdoor use, such as steel pipes and ductile iron pipes, etc.; non-metal pipes have a wide range of applications and are rich in types, such as reinforced concrete pipes, asbestos cement pipes, glass steel pipes and plastic pipes.

PPR pipes

2. how to judge the quality of PPR pipes

First look at the appearance of the PPR tube. The high-quality tube has a smooth appearance and a complete logo, such as brand names on the accessories. However, inferior products cannot do this. Because only some PPR raw materials are used, both of them are in performance. There is a big difference. High-quality PPR pipes have good toughness and can be easily bent into a circle without breaking, but inferior pipes are more brittle and break when bent. High-quality water pipes will maintain hardness at high water temperatures, while poor-quality pipes are prone to softening at high temperatures; from the perspective of life, the service life of high-quality products is about 50 years, and that of inferior products is 5-6 years.

PPR pipes

3. how to judge the quality of aluminum-plastic composite pipe

The outer wall of the high-quality aluminum composite pipe is relatively smooth, and there are famous trademarks, specifications, operating temperature, manufacturer name, address, telephone, etc. on the pipe wall. The outer wall of counterfeit and shoddy products is rough, unclear, and simple in packaging. The high-quality aluminum-plastic composite pipe has no delamination at the overlap of the aluminum layer. However, there is no welding at the lap joint of the aluminum layer of the fake and inferior product, which will cause delamination and not tightness.

PPR pipes